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Para Gliding
This reminds me of my NCC days ….. We have always been fascinated about flying and then flying on a free flight seems so breathtaking. To circle high in the clouds like a free bird & the wind being the main medium. It has caught the imagination of the humankind since eternity.

We at RWAT have a number of sites across India which have developed as paragliding and hand-gliding destinations.

These sites have been doing paragliding after doing the proper testing's that are conducted in smooth wind conditions so as to provide you the best possible flight time keeping in mind the safety of our patrons who choose to learn with us, we are here to guide you to become Safe & Independent Pilots. These flights are conducted by experienced instructors who have countless number of flight times under their belt.

The best places in India where you can enjoy the sport are listed below. You can chose from the below mentioned sites

Places in India where you can go for Paragliding:-


The Mighty Majestic Himalayan ranges have been the source of inspiration for many a adventure enthusiast who seek the ultimate in adventure. We have some amazing sites across the Himalayas which are suitable for paragliding. Some of the best sites are located in the Kangra Valley and the Kulu Valley which can be flown from the novice to the professional

Solang Nala (Manali):-

Solang Nala is located 14 Km from Manali at a altitude 2,060 m. It is considered an ideal place for paragliding aficionados. Located in the Kullu Valley, the best time to go far paragliding is from May till September as the conditions are suitable and smooth wind conditions prevail. We offer both tandem flights for beginners and solo flights for the more proficient.

"You still dreaming about flying….. Stop dreaming fly with us".

Please call us or drop in a mail with your plan and contact details and we will customize an itinerary for you.

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